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Saul Navarro

🌮🇲🇽 Hello I'm a

(Full-Stack Developer / Designer / Producer / Farmer)

based in México! 🇲🇽🌮

About Me

I'm a computer systems engineer🧑🏽‍💻 specializing in full-stack web development. I enjoy being part of both sides of software development. I'm improving my UX/UI, design, online writing, and soft skills for public speaking, especially in English. I love drinking a cup of coffee ☕️ in the mornings and reading a book before starting to work, I like reading about self-improvement and applying it.

In my free time, I go to my ranch to feed and water my cows. Likewise, I cultivate some pasture for them. Moreover, I'm a member of A.C. which offers free courses to children like math, reading, writing, computing, crafts, music, and robotics whit lego in under resourced Mayan communities.


1996Born in Mérida City the capital from Yucatán, México.
2014Volunteer at A.C. Proyecto Itzaes.
2018Graduated in computer systems engineer at Inst. Tecnológico de Mérida.
2019Worked as web developer at Grupo Endor - Advertising and Mktg agency.
2020Worked as web developer at ScaleUp - Advertising and Mktg agency
Worked as .Net developer at ClaudioRh - HR consulting firm.
2021Worked as web developer with Netsuite at BeExponential - Netsuite Consulting firm.
2023Working as Freelance web developer.


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